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Why Taking a Break from Social Media Can be Good?

It cannot be denied that social media frenzy is not in control and researches are showing that the excessive use of social media leads to a lot of serious issues like depression, anxiety, body image issues, reducing self-esteem, etc. it is also a fact that social media has brought communities together and has provided an engaging platform to meet with new peoples that are unknown to us. But social media is a distraction from a distraction. It is important to take some breaks periodically from social media, especially when we are feeling that we are spending too much of our time on it. Celebrities also take breaks from social media and there are lots of examples of such cases.

Here are some reasons we must take a break from social media:

  • Connection with Real People:

The plug into the real peoples and places is more important than social media. Connections with friends and family are more important than posting on social media. Spending time with friends and family keep the connections alive and can help to remove loneliness.

  • Health Advantages:

Taking a break from social media improves various health problems like anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The standards set on these social forums create pressure on us and are the main cause of depression and anxiety for us. Spending less time on a smartphone improves our sleeping habit and good sleep increase our energy and happiness.

  • More Creative and more productive:

A break from social media makes us more creative and productive. Irrespective of just scrolling up and down on these, the person becomes creative and more determinant to achieve his goals. We will become more grateful for us and thinking about ourselves. We lose our perspectives on our behaviors and forget all the things in our life that are waiting for us except this social media. The future is not bright until we polish it daily. Giving up to social media and investing time in our dreams, our future will be happy and bright.

  • Makes happy:

Social media has just a virtual reality that has just a comparison among the people. We try to just follow others and forget ourselves. life for them seems to be going forward but life for us seems to be standing at the same place. Taking a break from social media able us to get rid of this comparison. It will make us happier and more content with our life. There will be nothing for us to compare with that virtual world that is just showing the best moments of other peoples. And we will then realize that life is not so bad.

  • More Innovative and see the beautiful world:

Constant use of social media shut down our brain and we spend our time on unusual things. Giving up social media enables us to spend our time wisely on useful things to improve our lives and to increase our knowledge to become more innovative. We can see the natural beauty of our Earth and enjoy nature. At least if we die and we are asked about our Earth, then we will be able to about it that how beautiful our Earth in reality is.

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