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Top places on a budget


There is a plethora of affordable destinations that you can explore all over the world. Some of the countries that many considered expensive are budget-friendly if you know some tips and tricks. Some of the places are considered cheap mainly because of the drop in their local currency on the global market or because there is a lack of tourism in the area. Some of the best places to go on a budget are listed below.


Cambodia is among the popular country that you can visit in Asia. The country is magnificent, affordable and the locals are very friendly and accommodating. You can easily get a luxury room for a cheap price in the country. The street food and transportation across the country is also affordable and you can easily go on a budget $50 per day while you live largely. The country is considered than its neighbors and it is just as stunning as them. Cambodia is filled with a wide range of attractions that you can explore and it is among the cheapest backpacking destinations not to miss in the world.

Central America

If you are looking for a travel destination where you can wander around the ancient ruins, go surfing, explore the jungle, try out mouth-watering cuisines with just a few tourists around, this region is for you. Central America comprises of smaller countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. You are going to find a wide range of budget hotels in the area while the transportation around the city and beer are at an affordable price. Central America is a top tourist destination you can simply spend $40 a day as a backpacker or just live large with just $60.


Portugal is located in Europe and it is among the budget-friendly countries in the continent. The country is filled with a wide range of magnificent beaches, enchanting cliffs, friendly locals, and lots of attractions which is simply at a bargain price. Although the country is getting more and more popular in recent years, some of the touristy areas are getting more expensive. It is still a great place to visit and once you leave the city of Lisbon, the prices are still relatively cheap or you can visit the country during the off-season.

South Korea

South Korea is among the greatest hidden travel destination in the world and its prices can rival that of Southeast Asia country. The country features mind-blowing scenery, vibrant nightlife, and you can try out delicious cuisines. The country is among the underrated travel destination in the world and it is hard for you to spend above your budget in the country. Everything is the country is cheap from the trains to the food and drinks. The locals are also warm and friendly to tourists.


You will be surprised to find this country on the list of cheap destinations in the world as it is popularly known to be expensive. If you can follow some tips, the country is incredibly cheap. The country offers tourist lots of opportunities that you can explore like the work exchange opportunities, lots of Couchsurfing hosts, budget-friendly backpacker trail, and cheap groceries. The country also got cheaper because of the 20% drop in the Australian dollar which makes the price to increase and it is more affordable to foreign tourists.


Thailand is one of the top destinations to go on a budget. The country is fascinating and it is filled with tourist trails that date back to decades. The country is considered to be the heart of backpacking in Southeast Asia and you can easily spend $30 for a day. The country is filled with affordable guesthouses, local buses, food, and attractions. You can easily stay in luxury accommodation on the island and you are not going to spend close to $50 per day. The country is one of the places that you must ensure you visit in the world whether you are a budget traveler or even a luxury traveler as it features a wide range of mind-blowing activities that you must try out.

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