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Best Tourist Attractions Around The World


You are going to find a wide range of attractions that you can explore all over the world. The best attraction to visit is based on your preference and the type of traveler you are, whether you are nature and animal lover, art lover, architecture enthusiast, history lover, and so on. Some of the best tourist attractions that you can visit around the world are listed below.

Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum was called the Flavian Amphitheatre and was mainly used as a public entertainment arena in the past. The colosseum is among the most popular attractions in Rome as it hosts gladiator fights. The building has stood the test of time and it is among the top places to go while in Rome to get an insight into the past for history and architecture enthusiasts. You should also make sure you take a picture with actors in gladiator clothes for a price. It is best to book a ticket to this iconic building in advance so that you can skip the line and explore the building without stress.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia, it is a great destination to relax, explore culture and tradition, try out delicious cuisines, and enjoy the picturesque views. The island is filled with a wide range of activities that you can try out which is suitable for all kinds of travel. You can explore varieties of temples, endless coastline, waterfalls, picturesque coral reefs, etc. The island is surrounded by a wide range of cool spots where you can enjoy mind-blowing sunset and sunrise views which will keep you enchanted to the island. The island also has a thrilling nightlife that you can enjoy if you are a night-crawler.

London, England

London is located on the River Thames and it is the capital of England. It is also the most populous city in Great Britain and features a great mix of the old world charm with modern architectures. The city is among the top tourist destination in the world and it attracts millions of tourist every year. The city is filled with a plethora of attractions which includes great architecture and heritage. London is a great destination for all kinds of tourists and it is also family-friendly. Some of the best places to go in London are the London Eye, Westminster’s Abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, and so on. The city has a thrilling nightlife and lots of museums that you can also explore.


The Maldives is a tropical paradise filled with enthralling beaches suitable for beach hopping activities. The island is an archipelago of 1,192 coral islands which are grouped into natural atolls and it is only some of them that are inhabited. The island is a great place where you can simply relax and just forget all your worries. You can also reset your biological clock in the city as you sunbathe and relax on the beach. The waters here also offer a thrilling activity where you swim with the manta rays and reef sharks, you can also go snorkeling at the vibrant coral reefs that surround the island. The Maldives is the perfect destination to go whether you are looking for leisure or adventure activities to try out. The Maldives is an all year round destination and it attracts millions of tourist every year.

Paris, France

Paris does not need an introduction as a top tourist destination. The city of love is popularly known for its culture, attractions, architecture, cuisines, and fashion. The city is going to be on top of numerous people bucket-list. Some of the iconic landmarks that you cannot miss such as the Eiffel Tower which pierce the skyline of the city, the Champs Elysees, The Arc de Triomphe, the louvre, and so on. The city is filled with lots of attractions that you can try out and you will surely find something that suits your style in the city. Paris has a vibrant nightlife that you can indulge in and you can also explore the varieties of world-class restaurants in the city. It is also on the forefront of international trends as you can explore boutiques, vintage shops, flea market, flagship stores, and many more that surrounds the city.

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